The BAI Group Scandal

The B.A.I group Scandal


This is not the first time that we witness such a financial gangstering.  In a recent past there was the Indian Ocean Bank saga, the M.C.B / N.P.F saga, the Air- Mauritius black box, amongst others.

These cases have always been treated in such a way that the source of the problem have remained unveiled.

Today again the people of  Mauritius are under the illusion that the only culprits are the Managers and Directors of  the B.A.I group.  What’s about the responsibility of the Labour Government and its team without excluding the then Minister of  Finance , Mr Xavier Luc Duval.

Infact everything is linked with Political Party Financing under the pretext of  “Democratisation de L’economie.”  The former Government has helped and supported the emergence of a “Nouveau Bourgeoisie D’Etat” which would financially support their electoral campaign and finance their greed for luxuries and orgies.

It was known to everyone how much the B.A.I group was close to power.  So close, that the then Minister of Finance could not prevent himself to act as a private insurance broker which later was followed by the then Minister of Social Security, Mrs Sheila Bappoo.

Mr Xavier Luc Duval adviced all employees of this country to use their accumulated Funds under the National Savings Fund to buy an insurance cover for Health Care.  This was their strategy to support the Appollo Bramwell private hospital.  Only the C.T.S.P (Confederation des Travailleurs du Secteur Prive et Publique) openly denounced them.

The problem is not only the Bramer Bank or the B.A.I insurance group, but others of  the B.A.I group as well.

The Appollo Bramwell hospital owes millions of rupees to the Central Electricity Board. Why is it that up to now it has not been revealed to the public.  Is there a preferencial treatment at the C.E.B / Or only those who know all the corridors of  the Government House could benefit the “V.V.I.P” treatment!

Unfortunately it is most likely that the Saga of the B.A.I group will not end up here, others will follow.

Until there is no proper regulation for Political Party Financing and complete Transparency and Accountability on public transactions, nothing will change.

The “Alliance Lepep” government has engaged itself to come forward with a proper regulation for Political Party Financing.  This is not the first time that such a promise is made.

Almost all precedent Governments have fooled people under the pretext of political reforms and they have never tabled a proper Legislation to respond to this ongoing disaster.

Finally after every scandal that is made public, people of this country have a feeling that “Sa pou al teign an plas pli divan, bann gro bonet zame pou al dan prison.”This government has embarked in an “Operation de Nettoyage” which has been most welcomed by people.  However “Faire Le Populisme Et Agir Concretement En Eliminant La Fraude Et La Corruption” are two different things.

The C.T.S.P has embarked itself since 2006 to sensitize the public on how Political Party Financing is the foundation stone of fraud and corruption in our country.  The C.T.S.P will continue in its endeavour to eradicate fraud and influence trafficking.

We call on the Prime Minister Hon. Sir Aneerood Jugnauth not to spare this opportunity to table at the soonest a regulation for political party financing.

It is also very important to have a “Code de Deontologie” for parliamentarians and more especially governments. It is not well seen when a high personality of a government accept the favours of an employer who overexploit and abuse his employees.

The people of this country is awaiting a strong sign by this government on their determination for a real change. Till now we fear this French saying “Chassez le naturel il revient au galop.”


Jane Ragoo         & Reeaz Chuttoo

C.T.S.P                                                                                         10 April 2015